4 Tips To Get Your Toddler To Stop Drinking From A Bottle

It is every parentís nightmare; your kid has gotten used to drinking from their baby bottle and you had just let it go because you thought it was ok. Suddenly, your baby is already five years old and still extremely attached to the bottle that they want to drink only milk and nothing else. This is every parentís nightmare and as first time parents, you want the best for them. Here are the top three ways you can get your kids off that baby bottle and get them to drink from a cup instead.

Finding The Best Time To Quit On The Bottles

One of the most important questions you may ask yourself is ìwhen is the best time?î This is not an easy question to ask because all children grow up in their own timelines and each one develops at a different rate. There is no need to worry if your child is still very much attached to his bottle even at the age of two but do start worrying when he is already four and still not able to let it go by that time.

Take Baby Steps At A Time

Child psychologists advise that you do not make your child stop drinking from his bottle cold turkey. It will have a negative impact on them if you suddenly take away one of the most comfort items they rely on to calm them down. So, when you want them to wean from the bottle, you can start with one bottle at a time. Talk to your child that they are already big kids and that big kids do not drink from a bottle anymore. Let them vent out because more than likely you will get a violent reaction the first few times that they will have their bottles withheld from them. Do not easily give in as well and try to negotiate with your child if they are not as willing to let go of a bottle feeding.

Supplement With Other Snacks

Even if milk is a very nutritious drink for growing kids, there will come a time that they will need to let go of it. So, for every single time that you deny your child the bottle, make sure to supplement or replace it with a nutritious snack such as finger foods, vitamin-enriched snacks, and even fruits cut up in fun shapes. Milk contains high amounts of calcium so if you need to, you can find a calcium supplement during this time so your child is still meeting the required daily amounts.

Praise, Praise, and More Praise

Each time that your child is willing to let go of a bottle, make sure to use positive reinforcement. Do not get negative if everything is going smoothly and then suddenly you reach a bump. It will take some time before your child will be able to let go of the baby bottle and call them totally weaned. Make sure to use a reward system during this tough time for your child and talk it out with them so they know why they have to let go of the bottle.