Drugs Love Trance

Trippin’ is the way to go by slowly losing some important bits of your mind and getting into the groove that is dictated by the rhythm. The rhythm in cliche like associations comes from your heart, through that you reconnect, like some barbarian looking for a more sublime message. Or, you channel a barbarian by seeking civil forms of public unrest. Many would like to cross the barrier of civilization, bend the rules as early as possible. Unlike good children that fear the wilder beasts which are on the loose. You saw that it attacks other beings in the lord of the flies or rage. Going against the grain takes courage or mindless group instinct and that wins in many settings. No wonder trance music has appealed to so many, both beasts and good boys that in essence seek the same stimulation as the brain permits them. Life is an ongoing stimulating factor for those who see the reality with a bit of talent, by observing differently, you change and need no more stimulation like this as you see the rhythms hidden in the outside world that is largely in human faces and their own rhythm of life. By getting to know people you become the reflection of their life, you become a part of them. You could easily join them anonymously in the crowd and be among them, undisturbed, dissolving your nature in the crowd, allowing all your crimes to be taken away to faraway seas where you wake up different, perhaps with a different mindset.

Get Closer

To the enemy, to the other people, to the other rhythms. The ironic thing is that once we know the melody that grows old quite quickly as we have heard it a thousand times or more. We cannot play ourselves but we can start it, like with the push of the button. You can play other people in this way if you wish, pushing their buttons, and you will succeed only to find out that your own buttons were pushed to the extreme before. All you could mingle some notes to create new ones, to create a new melody that is partly a mix of you. While doing so is a pleasant thing, in the long run, it becomes quite a bore to some seeking new melodies, attracting the new. The new is the spice of life, the different is the salient while the old is stale. Getting constantly into trance happens also at work, which is the same old story told a thousand times, which is why, so many melodies are so much better than just one. In the one the best player, with a burning hot desire for a change demands more fuel from life and what happens when that does not take place while he is still alive? Is the life seemingly unpleasant? Does the rhythm come to an end? Can drugs separate you further from the grainy life? As it occurs experimenting with your own rhythm, space, drugs, machines is overrated to a great extent. It is like killing your own nature to fit yourself into the mold, to seek that source of pulsating rhythm like the desperate. On the contrary, seeking life in its greyness reveals subtleties of shade that you have not seen before as long as the mind allows you to experience it. Can it?