On Beliefs

People forge false beliefs on the basis of their previous experiences, forming friendships that fall apart during any trials and tribulations, that were never friendly to start with. We love to be deceived, cynism aside. The disease of cynism is so widespread, that is another pair of shoes, but perhaps that is what we need to believe desperately in to simply hold on to things that we can be so sure on. In life you cannot be sure of anything 100% and though you realize that times have changed, and technology has altered our brain’s wiring, it does not mean anything of that is actually so totally true. Some would die for their beliefs no matter what as they hang on every word their guru tells them. Once you add to that any brainwashing strategy, cultural influences fed from the early childhood you have the end product of the environment which is hard to break through if at all.

What Do You Believe?

Those deeply held beliefs run and dominate our lives in virtually any contact with people or creatures we meet on our path. Then these habits kick in and we are either hooked or put off by the contact. We treat some people as leprosy sufferers averting our gaze from their suffering. Better not to mingle as to stay where we love to be, in our comfort zone whose boundaries are so well known. Also we construe often mistaken and live by some interpretations of a given person’s actions, adn we choose to be misguided, only to wake up some time later, disappointed. But who did we deceive if not ourselves? But we are hangover from that sudden awakening, aware now we have made a grave mistake, and not going with our hunch instead. But then what of it? Did we not learn something from that experience? Did it not teach us something about ourselves? Was that the end of the world somehow that we saw we were led by our nose?

The sudden awakening brings our resistance to light as we hopelessly fight against what is happening whilst some others may come to accept it as a matter of fact and just move on with life. That latter scenario is often the case with cases where a stronger ego is at work, which is accepting of the life’s challenges and ready to deal with it as the ebs and flows dictate. What of the others? Some psychologists voice their contempt for the weaklings claiming that so many have survived and keep on fighting when the chance arises or give in to soften the life’s blows, meaning they have enough strategies to get them through while the weaklings operate on a reactive and not proactive basis, fearing what life might bring and getting ready for the lost battle and eventually a war. The state of total alert and no restfulness is hardly a good thing but stems from the individual’ strength and resources as perceived by the person in question.