Potty Training Toddlers ñ The Important Facts You Must Know

As parents, we want to raise our kids right. We always want the best for them and this also holds true when itís time we start potty training them. If you are at that stage of weaning your kid from the diaper, here are some important facts that not a lot of parents know about.

You Will Be Cleaning Up A Lot Of Spills And Messes

The art of potty training is not one magic formula. Some parents get by with just a few trials and then their kid can go on find without diapers already. Then there are some parents who have children that take more than a year to really get the hang of potty training. If your kid takes a lot of time to fully be potty trained, this is absolutely normal. Some kids just take more time than others and this is not an indication that something is developmentally wrong with them. Arm yourself with a lot of wipes, a bucket of soapy water, and a wash rag that you can easily use once an accident occurs on the floor. Make sure to always properly wash your hands after each mess.

Start Out Slow With Potty Training

Children in general can not cope with extreme changes at a time and if they are subjected to a fast transition, they might regress and this is definitely not a good thing. When this happens, they will take double the time to be potty trained and you will be with a child that is either scared of new happenings around him and will greatly affect their self esteem. So, when you start with potty training, talk to your child like he is an adult already and explain to them in simple language that they are a big kid already and it would be nice that they lessen the use of diapers because, ìbig kids do not wear diapers anymore.î More often than not, the first few weeks of potty training will be hellish for you as you try to clean up every single time they make a mess during the course of this training. Do not punish them but rather explain to them that they need to tell you every single time that they want to use the potty. You can enforce a rewards system or a praise system during this time until they have gotten the hang of it.

This Too Shall Pass

Just like with all developments, potty training will soon be a thing of the past once your tot finally learns to use the toilet by himself. Remember that you cannot rush the process the whole time else they will not get the point of potty training at all. All adults were once kids and had to be potty trained as well so if they can do it, you can too. Do not be discouraged if your child takes a longer time to be potty trained. This is not an indication of anything wrong with their bodies at all.