What You Need to Know about Home Schooling

Have you heard about home schooling? This is a system of education where, instead of letting the kids go to a regular school with other kids, the parents take on the responsibility of teaching their children. They follow curriculums that have been specially created for this kind of education.

There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding home schooling these days. Parents who follow and support this system of education claim that it is a lot better than traditional educational system. They say that their kids are better off because of home schooling. Critics of this method of education say on the other hand that it deprives children of the right to learn about the world on their own and they do not develop normally.

What You Should Know about Home Schooling

Home schooling is not a new fad and in fact, it has been around for some time. Several American presidents have been educated through home schooling. It was the preferred choice, or in fact the only choice for education for many families back when the education system was not yet fully developed.

But the modern home schooling movement can trace its roots back in the 60s with John Holt. He was the one who came up with the ideas that fostered the movement. His book How Children Fail practically became the Bible for many families who opted to “unschool” their children.

One reason why home schooling became popular at that time was because of religion. Many religious families wanted their kids to be educated with religious principles. The problem was that only the bigger religions, such as the Roman Catholics have large schools. So they realized that if they wanted their children to be educated under religious guidance they would have to do it on their own.

One other crucial factor that drove the popularity of home schooling was the counter culture movement back in the 60s. Hippies and other people who were dissatisfied with system didn’t want their kids to be educated through traditional means.

Parent as a Teacher

As a parent, you have a big responsibility to your child already. But when you decide to do home schooling then you are adding on to that responsibility. You are also taking on the role of a teacher. You need to think this through. Can you handle that? If you are not confident that you can, then seek the opinion and advice of an expert first.

Reading Books and Doing Research

When you decide that you will be taking on the role of a teacher for your child you have to prepare for that thoroughly. Your child will have questions and you should be ready to provide answers for all of those. You should read and research as much as you can. You should also find the most suitable curriculum that would fit your situation.

These are just some of the things that you should know when it comes to home schooling, especially when you are thinking of trying it.